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March 1st 2018 Dear shipmates: This is to remind you of the current status of leadership of the USS Holder Association as we go into our April reunion. Joseph Delgado is the Vice President and serving as President due to the death of Rob Adams. Jim deBarrios is the Secretary & Treasurer. Harvey Quinn is Chaplain Hank Sipple is Historian. We are observing guidelines in accordance with the USS Holder By-Laws. The By-Law states that if the president dies the Vice President shall assume the roll. This is the present case. However, Joe Delgado wishes to continue only as Vice President. He feels he will not have proper time for being President. Therefore, the position will be vacant and voting for a new president is in the offing at our next meeting as well as all positions each year are open for election. I am happy to report that there is a qualified candidate available for president as we go forward to the annual meeting. This however, does not mean that the door is closed for the position should someone else wish to apply. We will vote at the meeting according to the By-Laws. Members please give thought if you wish to serve in any position as you attend the April Reunion. By-Laws are available if you wish a copy. A reminder, ad hoc, temporary help at the reunions is always welcome. Thank you for your participation. Look forward to a good gathering of friends. Sincerely, Jim DeBarrios Sect.



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