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USS Holder Association's 12th Annual Reunion

07 September 1990 through 09 September 1990

The shipmates of the ships named USS Holder DE401, DD819, and DDE819 enjoyed their 12th reunion at the Comfort Inn in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Events of the 12th USS Holder Reunion

Friday, 07 September 1990

Welcome Aboard! Hospitality room open.

1800 We had our dinner buffet followed by our annual reunion meeting

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Saturday, 08 September 1990

Hospitality room was opened

1200 We prepared to depart for the Fleet Reserve Club. After lunch we toured the Newport Naval Base.

We had our dinner cruise aboard the Bay Queen.

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Sunday, 09 September 1990

Coffee and danish and farewells to all. Meet again next year.

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Shipmates in attendance included:

Last Name First Name Rate/Rank On Board Holder
Bailen Bruce    J. HMC 1949-1950
Buchanan Dan    L. EM2 1950-1952
Byrd James    GMG1 1964-1967
Churchill David   L. RD2 1955-1958
Clay James   F. PCC 1960-1963
Dubyak Paul   A. MM2 1955-1958
Fredereksen Niels  "Fred" END3 1955-1957
Garrett John   S. RDC 1954-1958
Goetz Thomas   G. GM2 1951-1952
Grabowski Thomas    S. QM3 1948-1951
Graves Robert    C. F1/C 1948-1951
Harrison Fred BTCM 1964-1967
Hook Harry   FN1 1948-1951
Mahon John    P. RM2 1959-1961
Maloney Francis    TM3 1950-1953
Mayne Paul    MMCM 1957-1959
Mc Coy David    J. QM3 1950-1954
O'conner William       
O'neill John   BM2 1958-1965
Tabing Richard   R. MM1 1954-1957
Veino Robert    S2/C 1945-1946


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