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USS Holder Association's 18th Annual Reunion

12 October 1996 through 16 October 1996

The shipmates of the ships named USS Holder DE401, DD819, and DDE819 returned to Norfolk, Virginia for their 18th reunion, which was held at the Holiday Inn Executive Center at Virginia Beach.


Events of the 18th USS Holder Reunion

Saturday, 12 October 1996

Welcome Aboard! Hospitality room open.

1700 Holiday Inn Executive Center hosted a complimentary wine and cheese reception for Holder.

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Sunday, 13 October 1996

Hospitality room was open

We departed the hotel and went in caravan by buses, cars, and vans to Nauticus pier to tour the USS Thomas S. Gates, CG-52. After a memorial wreath-laying ceremony and a complete tour of the ship, we continued to tour the MacArthur Memorial Musium, lunched at Watersides, and toured Norfolk Naval base.

1830 was cocktail hour followed by a tropical buffet. We also had a cake cutting ceremony since, this year, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the USS Holder DD-819.

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Monday, 14 October 1996

We had a mess tent breakfast.

1000 Buses left for a guided tour of Colonial Williamsburg and Yorktown.

Some, who didn't take the tour, used the free time to go fishing, or golfing, or shopping, or searching for places they knew when Norfolk was home port for USS Holder.

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Tuesday, 15 October 1996

This was an open day for people to do as they pleased.

1530 We held the annual business meeting.

1800 was cocktail hour in the ballroom, foolowed by the 50th annivrsary dinner. Live entertainment was provided by Hearts Desire and dancing followed with music provided by Hearts Desire's DJ.

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Wednesday, 16 October 1996

Coffee and farewells and begin planning on next year.

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Shipmates in attendance included:

Last Name First Name Rate/Rank On Board Holder
Adams Ralph   B. RD3 1946-1947
Adams Robert   MM3 1960-1962
Anuszczyk Edmond   J. SM2 1944
Arthurs Jim    FN 1948-1951
Atkins Barry   K. RADM 1946-1947
Bailen Bruce   J. HMC 1949-1950
Batko Stephen    EN/FN 1950-1951
Bernacchi Raymond   P. EM3 1946-1948
Billings William    C. STCM 1956
Bingham W.    Arthur LTJG 1951-1952
Birch James   L. MM2 1948-1951
Black Frederick   W. EN3 1960-1963
Boyland Jack   CAPT 1951-1953
Breidenstein Don   SO3 1954-1956
Burns John   CDR 1959-1963
Byrd James GMG1 1964-1967
Carmean Charles   T. BT3 1960-1963
Carney Neil   A. BT3 1952-1956
Clay James   F. PCC 1960-1963
Crocker William   G. F1C 1944
De Angelis Edward   F. BMCS 1964-1971
Dixon Douglas    SN 1953-1957
Donley John   PNC 1964-1967
Dubyak Paul   A. MM2 1955-1958
Dunshee H.   John LTJG 1952-1954
Durgin John   GM2 1952-1956
Durgin Richard   L. GMSN 1950-1954
Durgin Robert   H. GM3 1950-1953
Ehlers Arthur   E. CWO3 1964-1967
Elston Raymond   E. TMC 1961-1964
Fazio Mike   LT 1952-1955
Fredereksen Niels  "Fred" END3 1955-1957
Georgic Robert   QM3 1961-1963
Gilmore R.   J. END3 1956-1957
Goetz Thomas   G. GM2 1951-1952
Grabowski Thomas   S. QM3 1948-1951
Grant Ulysses   S. MM3 1959-1961
Grundman Lee   "Jack" TM2 1952-1955
Guerin Courtland   F. MM1 1953-1956
Gunnip Edward    A. TM1 1952-1957
Harrison Fred    BTCM 1964-1967
Hart William   C. MM1 1948-1951
Henderson Gordon   LTJG 1951-1954
Hertwig Frank   MM2 1957-1959
Hill Robert   J. BT2 1952-1956
Hook Harry   FN1 1948-1951
Howard Robert   J. TMC 1945-1952
Hults Arthur   MMCS 1954-1959
Hurlbert Charles   S1/C 1944
Irvin Charles    HMSN 1960-1963
Jackson Ken   STG3 1974-1976
Johnson Howard   O. MMCM 1967-1971
Johnston George   B. SM1 1944
King Rufus   COL(USAF) 1952-1954
Kuma John    RD3 1948-1951
Lefevre Charles   Y2C 1946-1948
Light Alvie   L. CSC 1946-1947
Maki Edward   A. LT 1944
Maloney Francis    TM3 1950-1953
Maston Jay   CAPT 1974-1976
Mayne Paul    MMCM 1957-1959
Mc Coy David    J. QM3 1950-1954
Mc Gee Lawrence   BT3 1962-1964
Mc Lean Lloyd   J. SN 1950-1954
Meyer Norbert   E. RM1/C 1944
Miller Glenn   W. EN3 1958-1961
Miller Robert   S. TMC 1955-1958
Monmirth Harry   G. FN 1948-1951
Noland Donald   MM2 1962-1966
O'neill John   BM2 1958-1965
Peffley John   F. CAPT 1947-1950
Rambo M.   Bruce MMCM 1955-1957
Reed Allen    BTC 1948-1955
Riffle Gary   K. SHC 1963-1968
Robinson Willard   A. ET2 1951-1953
Scully William   MM3 1966-1969
Sellers John   M. NCC 1968-1972
Showers Ron   YNC 1961-1963
Spiegel Robert   J. ENS 1946-1947
Stigall Ronald   W. BT3 1957-1961
Tabing Richard   R. MM1 1954-1957
Thomas Paul   R. S1/C 1946
Thur James   A. CAPT 1964-1966
Trantina Elwood   C. SN 1951-1952
Ward Marshall   P. CAPT 1946-1950
Warnes William    K. CWO3 1949-1951
Williams John    H. D. CAPT 1958-1963
Young Wray    MMCS 1958-1960


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