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USS Holder Association's 19th Annual Reunion

October 10, 1997 through October 14, 1997

The reunion of the shipmates of the ships named USS Holder DE401, DD819, and DDE819 was held in Arlington, Virginia at the Double-Tree Hotel.


Events of the 19th USS Holder Reunion

Friday, 10 October, 1997

1000 Open Hospitality Suite - A time to renew old acquaintances and make new ones.

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Saturday, 11 October, 1997

Many shipmates took a tour by bus which included a number of stops. First, and to many the most important, was the US Navy Memorial including a wreath laying ceramony at the Lone Sailor and an opportunity to see the plaque placed on the wall honoring LTJG Holder and the ships named after him. There was a stop at the Capital that included a guided tour, then a lunch break at Tony & Joe's Restaurant in Washington Harbor. After a good meal it was on to Arlington Cemetary where we were off  to see the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

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Sunday, 12 October, 1997

Some of the shipmates got together for a nice brunch to start the day, then it was off to do the various things that people wanted to do, like shopping or sightseeing, as individuals or small groups. In the evening, the business meeting was held.

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Monday, 13 October, 1997

This was another nice day that found many Holder shipmates touring together. This tour included the Navy Museum and the USS Barry DD933, Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Womens Memorial. There was a lunch break at Phillips' Seafood Restaurant.

1930 This was the culmination of a great reunion - the Dinner/Banquet.

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Tuesday, 14 October, 1997

Farewells and Departures.

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Shipmates in attendance included:

Last Name First Name Rate/Rank On Board Holder
Anewalt Robert    E. LTJG 1957-1960
Anuszczyk Edmond    J. SM2 1944
Atkins Barry    K. CO/RADM 1945-1947
Bernacchi Raymond    P. EM3 1946-1948
Bortle Jack    YN3 1955-1957
Bullock Norman    C. TM1 1946-1949
Burns, Jr John    M. CDR 1959-1962
Byrd James    GMG1 1964-1967
Carney Neil    A. BT3 1952-1956
Crocker William    G. F1C 1944
Dame Douglas    P. ETN3 1965-1967
Dixon Doug    SN 1953-1957
Dubyak Paul    A. MM2 1955-1958
Dusenbury George    B. HTC 1955-1957
Elston Raymond    E. TMC 1961-1964
Farnell James    M. CS2 1949-1952
Foley Paul    R. LT 1954-1957
Fredereksen Niels    END3 1955-1957
Gilbert James    C. CDR 1958-1960
Gilmore R.    J. END3 1956-1957
Goetz Thomas    G. GM2 1951-1952
Grabowski Thomas    S. OM3 1948-1951
Grant Ulysses    S. MM3 1959-1961
Grundman Lee "Jack" TM2 1952-1955
Harmount Jack    SA 1947-1948
Harrison Fred    BTCM 1964-1967
Hart William    C. MM1 1948-1951
Herr Jere    BT3 1963-1965
Hertwig Frank    MM2 1957-1959
Hook Harry    FNl 1948-1951
Hurlbert Charles    S1/C 1944
Mahon John    P. RM3 1959-1961
Maloney Francis    TM3 1950-1953
Mashburn Woodrow    S1/C 1944
Mayne Paul    MMCM 1957-1959
Mc Lean Lloyd    J. SN 1950-1954
Mc Vay Wesley    J. CDR 1958-1960
Michelsen Sverre    "Mike" CWO2 1960-1965
Miller Glenn    W. EN3 1958-1961
O'Neill John    BM2 1958-1965
Peffley John    F. CAPT 1947-1950
Phillips Melvin    CSC 1962-1963
Pompili Fred    I. CS3 1954-1956
Reed Allen    BTC 1948-1955
Robinson Willard    A. ET2 1951-1953
Smith Robert    S. CO/RADM 1964-1965
Snyder, Jr J.    Edward RADM 1951-1952
Spiegel Robert    J. ENS 1946-1947
Spry Ray    BT3 1963-1965
Stigall Ronald    W. BT3 1957-1961
Tabing Richard    R. MM1 1954-1957
Thur James    A. CAPT 1963-1966
Turner Steven    L. CAPT 1963-1965
Whitley Lewis    M. S1/C 1944
Williams John    H. D. CAPT 1958-1959


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