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The USS Holder Association's 23rd Annual Reunion

Was held from 7 October, 2001 to 11 October, 2001 in Orlando Florida

The reunion events were held at the Grosvenor Hotel which is in the Walt Disney Resort at Lake Buena Vista, Florida.


Events of the 23rd USS Holder Reunion

Sunday, 7 OCT. 2001

This was the day for check in and registration in the Hospitality room.

Sunday evening the hotel gave us a great wine and cheese party.

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Monday, 8 Oct. 2001

Kennedy Space Center - Bus left the front of the Hotel at 0730
Everyone had a good time even though there was a lot of walking involved for us "old timers".

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Tuesday, 9 OCT. 2001

0800 - 1000 Breakfast with the Disney Characters:
We had some new shipmates with us - the Disney crew.

1300 p.m.Business Meeting: Hotel meeting room

Tuesday evening, we bussed everyone to the Luau Dinner Theatre, at Disney's Polynesian Resort Hotel. We had a delicious meal and we were entertained with Hula dancers, Fire Dancers and our own Ulysses Grant's rendition of the hula dance.

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Wednesday, 10 OCT: 2001

We had free time during the day and our shipmates chose a variety of things to do.

In the evening - prior to the Banquet we had our Memorial Service and Presentation of Colors.

We had our annual Banquet and a nice crowd showed up. The evening entertainment was provided by three young ladies (Swing Sisters) that sang patriotic and 50's and 60's era music.

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Thursday, 11 OCT 2001

Coffee and donuts in the hospitality room and our good-byes.

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The First Timers at this years reunion were

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Would you like to see some pictures?

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Shipmates in attendance included:

Last Name First Name Rate/Rank On Board Holder
Adams Robert    B. MM3 1960-1962
Anuszczyk Edmond    J. SM2 1944
Arthurs James    FN 1948-1951
Bailen Bruce    J. HMC 1949-1950
Bernacchi Raymond    P. EM3 1946-1948
Black Frederick    W. EN3 1961-1963
Byrd James    GMG1 1964-1967
Cahoon Albert    E. MMCS 1957-1959
Cannon John    T. RM3 1946-1948
Davis Richard    S. MM2 1951-1954
de Barrios James    MM2 1959-1961
DesLauriers Ralph    BT3 1957-1959
Dombrowe Donald    E. BTG1 1950-1952
Dubyak Paul    R. MM2 1955-1957
Durgin Robert    H. GM3 1950-1953
Elston Raymond    E. TMC 1964-1966
Farnell James    M. CS2 1949-1952
Garrett John    S. RDC 1954-1958
Georgic Robert    S. QM3 1961-1963
Gill E.    Douglas FT3 1957-1959
Gilmore R.    J. END3 1956-1957
Goggans Wayne    W. EWC 1964-1967
Grant Ulysses    S. MM3 1959-1961
Grundman Lee    "Jack" TM2 1952-1955
Hair Robert    G. SO1 1955-1958
Harrison Dennis    B. CSC 1947-1948
Harrison Fred    BTCM 1964-1967
Hill Robert    J. BT2 1956
Hughes P.    Kasler FN 1955-1956
Hurlbert Charles    S1/c 1944
Jenkins Gary    BT2 1966-1967
Kea Joseph    C.    "J. C." MMCM 1960-1962
Kenton Patrick    FN 1952-1953
Kronmuller William    DC3 1952-1953
Kuma John    RD3 1948-1951
Lane Calvin    R. NCCS (CRF) 1965-1969
Mahon John    P. RM3 1959-1961
Maloney Francis    TM3 1950-1953
Mayne Paul    MMCM 1957-1959
McLean LLoyd    J. SN 1950-1954
Oman John    BT1 1958-1959
Partington George    J. SN 1957-1961
Rambo M.    Bruce MMCM (SS) 1955-1957
Randall Donald    MM1 1958-1966
Reed Allen    BTC 1948-1955
Ritter Warren    W. TM3 1954-1956
Robinson Willard    A. ET2 1951-1953
Sahr Arthur    F. MMC 1963-1967
Seal Leon    B. FN 1953-1954
Sellers John    NCC 1968-1972
Skinner George    MM3 1960-1961
Stigall Ronald    W. BT3 1957-1961
Stoffa George    SO2 1954-1957
Tabing Richard    R. MM1 1954-1957
Ward Marshall    P. CAPT 1947-1950
Warnes William    K. CWO 1949-1951
Warshaw William    BTFN 1957-1959


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