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USS Holder Association's 26th Annual Reunion

10 October 2004 through 14 October 2004

The shipmates of the ships named USS Holder DE-401, DD-819, and DDE-819 got together in Las Vegas, Nevada at the New Frontier Hotel and Casino for their 26th reunion.

Events of the 26th USS Holder Reunion


Sunday, 10 October 2004

This was Check-in day and time to meet fellow shipmates. In the evening we opened the hospitality room.


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Monday, 11 October 2004

0700 - 1000   Breakfast in the Orchard Cafe  

We boarded the buses and we were off for a tour to Lake Mead. We went aboard a Mississippi-style paddlewheel boat at Boulder City and cruised the largest man-made lake in America. After the cruise we toured Hoover Dam before returning to the hotel. We had the evening free to do what we pleased. 

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Tuesday, 12 October 2004

0700 - 0900 -   Breakfast in the Orchard Cafe  

We were off again, this time by bus to Nellis Air Force Base, where we held our memorial at the Base Chapel. We had lunch at the Officers Dining Room before our tour started with a lecture about the Thunderbirds Precision Flying Team. We toured the museum and saw the Thunderbird planes out on the tarmac. After we returned to the hotel our time was free and we were on our own.  

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Wednesday, 13 October 2004

0700 - 0900 -   Breakfast in the Orchard Cafe  

The Annual Business Meeting was held in the morning.  

1730 - 1900   We had a cash bar, raffle drawings, and Presentation of Colors. We also had photos taken that could be purchased later and a reunion photo album was also available.  

 We had our annual Banquet with live entertainment. We had 140 people (shipmates and guests) at the banquet. 

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Thursday, 14 October 2004

  Check-out and time to leave Las Vegas to get back to normal.  

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Once again we were happy to see some first timers.
They were:

  • Walt Buell
  • Andy Carpenter
  • Leslie Deickman
  • Joe Delgado
  • William Grudowski
  • Ron Linn
  • Pete Padavana
  • Carl Patfield
  • Joel Pinkus
  • David Scott
  • Tony Zimmerman

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Shipmates in attendance included:

Last Name First Name Rate/Rank On Board Holder
Absetz Ronald    YNC 1960-1962
Adams Ralph    RD3 1946-1947
Adams Robert    MM3   1960-1962  
Alvarado Ernesto    MMC(SS)   1952-1953  
Anuszczyk Edmond    SM2 1944
Bernacchi Raymond    EM3 1946-1948
Bisson Malcolm    SD3 1964-1966
Buell Walt    MM1 1946-1947
Burns Gene    MM2 1956-1959
Cannon John    RM3 1946-1948
Carpenter Andy    MMCM 1954-1959
Christensen Frank    CWO4(USA) 1955-1957
Dame Doug    ETN3 1965-1967
Davis Richard    MM2   1950-1954  
de Barrios Jim    MM2 1959-1961
Deickman Leslie    GM3   1944  
Delgado Joe    ETR3 1959-1961
Dixon Doug SN 1953-1957
Dombrowe Don    BTG1 1950-1952
Dubyak Paul    "Bucky" MM2 1955-1957
Elston Raymond    TMC 1961-1964
Gilbert Jim    CDR 1958-1960
Gill Doug    FT3   1957-1959
Goetz Thomas    GM2 1951-1952
Grant Ulysses    MM3 1959-1961
Grudowski William    BT2 1963-1967
Guerin Court    MM1 1953-1956
Hill Bob    BT2 1952-1956
Hurlbert Charles    S1/c 1944
Jenkins Gary    BT2   1966-1967
Johnston George    SM1 1944
Kea J.    C. MMCM 1960-1962
Kenton Francis    "Pat" FN2 1952-1953
Kuma John RD3 1948-1951
Lane Calvin    NCCS   1964-1969  
Le Fevre Charles    Y2c 1946-1948
Linn Ron    RM2 1965-1967
Lower Eugene    ME2 1957-1959
Mahon John    RM2 1959-1961
Maloney Francis TM3 1950-1953
Mc Coy David QM3 1950-1954
Mc Gee Larry    BT3 1962-1964
Oman John    BT3 1958-1959
O'Neill John    BM2 1958-1965
Padavana Pete    YN3 1946-1949
Patfield Carl    S2/c 1946-1948
Pinkus Joel    BT1 1966-1967
Quinn Harvey    BTFN 1959-1960
Rambo Bruce    MMCM 1955-1957
Reed Allen BTC 1948-1955
Scott David    MM3 1949-1953
Seal Leon BT2 1953-1954
Skinner George    MM3 1960-1961
Smith Loyd    RM3 1963-1965
Stigall Ronald    BT3 1957-1961
Stoffa George    SO2 1954-1957
Tabing Richard    MM1 1954-1957
Valois Bob    IC2 1957-1959
Ward Marshall    CAPT 1946-1950
Warren Bob    RM2 1962-1963
Williams John    CAPT 1958-1963
Zimmerman Tony    STG3 1965-1967


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