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USS Holder Association's 34th Annual Reunion

29 September 2012 through 03 October 2012

The shipmates of the ships named USS Holder DE401, DD819, and DDE819 held their 34th annual reunion in Branson, Missouri at the Clarion Conference Center.


The manager of the restaurant surprised the attendees of the USS Holder reunion by projecting a video, honoring the USS Holder and including the attendees, on a large screen for everyone to enjoy. Here is a link to youtube where you can view it .


Shipmates attending 2012 Reunion

  Adams     Rob    MM3    60-62                     Lower       Eugene  SEM3   57-59 

  Barry  Ed   SK3   53-55                               Mayne Paul   MMCM   57-59 

  Bavender  John   STG3   65-67                   McCoy Dave   QM3   50-54 

  Bisson   Malcolm SD3   64-66                      McCrain      Edward       SFP2   61-65 

  Bortle    Jack      YN3  55-57                        Oman    John         BT3    58-59 

  Boyland   Jack  CAPT 51-52                        O'Neill John      BM2  58-65 

  Buckley   Larry LTJG 55-57                          Patrie  Gerald           BM1   75-76 

  Byrd        Jim       GMG1 64-67                      Pinkus Joel  BT1   66-67 

  Christensen Frank   CWO4   55-57              Quinn      Harvey       BTFN  59-60 

  deBarrios Jim     MM2    59-61                       Reed   Allen     BTC  48-55 

  Delgado Joe       ETR3   59-61                       Seal  Leon FN   53-54 

  Elston      Ray     TMC  62-65                         Sipple        Henry    ETN2    65-68 

  Gill     Doug   FT3   57-59                               Slodysko     Robert         DK1   72-74 

  Goetz     Thomas   GM2   51-52                     Smith     Loyd         RM3   63-65 

  Grudowski Bill     BT2  62-67                          Smith   William      GMCS    61-65 

  Grundman Jack TM2   52-55                         Stevens Robert   RMSN  66-68 

  Harrison  Fred    BTCM   64-67                      Stigall     Ronald       BT3  57-61 

  Johnson  Tim        STG2  66-69                       Stoffa  George       SO2  54-57 

  Kaim     John         MR3    56-58                     Tabing    Richard         MM1  54-57 

  Kea      J.C.             MMCM  60-62                  Wiesbeck;    Eugene       BT1  75-76 

  Kearney      Edwin         PC3  69-71               Zimmerman;    Anthony       STG3  65-67 



Events of the 34th USS Holder Reunion

Saturday,29 September 2012

Afternoon - Check-in.

Evening - Light meal.

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Sunday,30 September 2012

Morning - "Ride the Ducks" tour of Branson.

Afternoon - Lunch at the biggest chicken in Missouri, winery tour and "Legends in Concert".

Evening - Dinner and the "Mickey Gilley Show".

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Monday,01 October 2012

Morning - Memorial Service and tour of "College of the Ozarks".

Afternoon - Lunch and Branson Landing walk.

Evening - "Hughes Brothers Show".

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Tuesday,02 October 2012

Morning - Annual Business Meeting, Association business and selection of next reunion site.

Afternoon - Free time on your own.

Evening - Annual Banquet and our famous raffle. Please, don't forget to bring or provide an item! Pictures will be taken for our Memory Book.

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Wednesday,03 October 2012

Departure and goodbyes.

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Shipmates in attendance included:

Last Name First Name Rate/Rank On Board Holder
Adams Rob   MM3 1960-1962
Bavender John    STG3   1965-1967  
Bisson Malcolm    L. SD2 1964-1966
Byrd James    R. GMG1 1964-1967
Bortle Jack    YN3  1955-1957 
Boyland  Jack    CAPT  1951-1953 
Buckley  Larry    LTjg  1955-1957 
Byrd  Jim    GMG1   1964-1967  
Christensen  Frank    CW04 (USA)  1955-1957 
deBarrios  Jim    MM2  1959-1961 
Delgado  Joe    ETR3  1959-1961 
Elston  Ray    TMC  1962-1965 
Gill  Doug    FT3   1957-1959  
Goetz  Thomas    GM2  1952 
Grudowski  Bill    BT2  1962-1967 
Grundman  Jack    TM2  1952-1955 
Harrison  Fred    BTCM  1964-1967 
Johnson  Tim    STG2   1966-1969  
Kaim  John    MR3  1956-1958 
Kea  J.    C. MMCM  1960-1962 
Kearney  Edwin    PC3/E4  1969-1971 
Lower  Eugene    SEM3  1957-1959 
Mayne  Paul    MMCM   1957-1959  
McCoy  Dave    QM3  1950-1954 
McCrain  Edward    SFP2  1961-1965 
Oman  John    BT3  1958-1959 
Patrie  Gerald    BM1  1975-1976 
Pinkus  Joel    BT1   1966-1967  
Quinn  Harvey    BTFN  1959-1960 
Reed  Allen    BTC  1948-1955 
Seal  Leon    FN  1953-1954 
Sipple  Henry    ST3  1965-1968 
Slodysko  Robert    DC3   1972-1974  
Smith  Lloyd    RM3  1963-1965 
Smith  William    GMCS  1961-1965 
Stevens  Robert    BMSN  1966-1968 
Stigall  Ronald    BT3  1957-1961 
Stoffa  George    SO2   1954-1957  
Tabing  Richard    MM1  1954-1957 
Wiesbeck  Eugene    BT1  1975-1976 
Zimmerman  Anthony    STG3  1965-1967 





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