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USS Holder Association's 36th Annual Reunion

21 September 2014 through 25 September 2014

The shipmates of the ships named USS Holder DE401, DD819, and DDE819 held their 36th annual reunion in Chattanooga, Tennessee.




Events of the 36th USS Holder Reunion

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Afternoon - Check-in.

Evening - Light meal.

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Monday, 22 September 2014

We took the Incline Railway to the top of Lookout Mountain 2400 feet above sea level and nearby Rock City 1700 ft. We walked the skinny paths between rock crevasses and ledges and then beheld the beautiful waterfall.

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

We rode a catamaran on the Tennessee River sometimes hitting 35 MPH. Accompanying us was an informative historian, animal, plant life guide who also doubled as the boat’s Bowhook. He gave a very comprehensive explanation of terrain, zoology and history.

We rode an historic Tennessee Valley Railroad train which deadheaded into a train yard in the woods. There we watched our engine being reversed on the turntable. We then went into the barn where we observed rebuilding of steam engines. All this was narrated by the conductor of the train.

Our traditional memorial service was held at the beautiful Tennessee National Cemetery where we bade a Bon Voyage to recent shipmates’ Supreme Transfers.

We participated in a dinner mystery show which surprisingly revealed many hidden talents among our members that we had not a clue prior to that evening. (See photos) Oh, the dinner was good too!

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Morning - Annual Business Meeting, Association business and selection of next reunion site.

Evening - Annual Banquet and our famous raffle.

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Departure and goodbyes.

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Shipmates in attendance included:

Last Name First Name Rate/Rank On Board Holder
Adams   Rob   MM3   1960-1962  
Bavender   John    STG3   1965-1967  
Black   Fred    EN3   1961-1963  
Bortle   Jack    YN3   1955-1957  
Buckley   Larry    LTjg   1955-1957  
Byrd   Jim    GMG1   1964-1967  
Carmean   Charles    BT3   1960-1963  
Cuff   Gene    FN2   1945-1947  
Davis   Richard    HT1   1959-1961  
deBarrios   Jim    MM2   1959-1961  
Delgado   Joe    ETR3   1959-1961  
Dierbeck   Bob    MR3   1961-1962  
Ellsworth   Robert    SK2   1971-1972  
Elston   Ray    TMC   1962-1965  
Grudowski   Bill    BT2   1962-1967  
Grundman   Jack    TM2   1952-1955  
Harrison   Fred    BTCM   1964-1967  
Hennessey   John    STG2   1963-1967  
Jenkins   Gary    BT2   1966-1967  
Johnson   Tim    STG2   1966-1969  
Kaim   John    MR3   1956-1958  
Kea   J.    C. MMCM   1960-1962  
Kearney   Edwin    PC3/E4   1969-1971  
Kemp   Peter    LTjg   1957-1958  
Kenton   Francis    FN2   1951-1952  
Lower   Eugene    SEM3   1957-1959  
McCoy   Dave    QM3   1950-1954  
McCrain   Edward    SFP2   1961-1965  
Noland   Donald    MM2   1962-1966  
O'Donnell   Edward    IC3   1955-1957  
Oman   John    BT3   1958-1959  
Peryea   Gary    DCFN   1969-1970  
Pinkus   Joel    BT1   1966-1967  
Powers   Theodore    PC3   1966-1967  
Quinn   Harvey    BTFN   1959-1960  
Reed   Allen    BTC   1948-1955  
Savas   Charles    ET3   1962-1964  
Seal   Leon    FN   1953-1954  
Sipple   Hank    ETN2   1965-1968  
Sipple   Howard    CDR   1960-1962  
Slodysko   Robert    DK1   1972-1974  
Smith   Lloyd    RM3   1963-1965  
Stigall   Ronald    BT3   1957-1961  
Stoffa   George    SO2   1954-1957  
Tabing   Richard    MM1   1954-1957  
Valois   Bob    IC2   1957-1959  
Zimmerman   Anthony    STG3   1965-1967  





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