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The Holder Association has been in existence since 1979, when four shipmates decided to have a reunion in Cleveland, Ohio. Since that time, we have grown to over 420 shipmates and we hold a reunion every year.

The purpose of the Association is to perpetuate the memory of United States Naval Vessels USS Holder and to promote fellowship among its many shipmates who served thereon. The first Holder (DE 401), a destroyer escort, was commissioned 27 November 1943 and served with distinction and honor at the end of World War II. On 11 April 1944 she was severely damaged, with loss of life due to enemy action, and was decommissioned 13 September 1944. The second Holder (DD/DDE 819) was commissioned a destroyer 18 May 1946, served with pride and meritorious service for her country. On 1 October 1976 she was decommissioned and stricken from the U. S. Navy. She was transferred to the Ecuadorian Navy at the U. S. Naval Base, Charleston, SC on 11 May 1980 and commissioned the BAE Presidente Eloy Alfaro (DD-01). The Presidente Alfaro served as the mainstay for the Ecuadorian Navy until December 1990, when she suffered a major boiler casualty. Early in 1992 she was decommissioned and scrapped.

We hold reunions annually, hosted by one of our shipmates who lives in the area chosen for that year. We are averaging 160-190 shipmates, spouses, and guests. The purpose of having an annual reunion of our shipmates is to renew old ties and talk over the good old days, sharing a common bond, the USS Holder, which may be gone but has not been forgotten. The reunions are structured to give our shipmates the maximum time to reminisce, exchange sea stories, take planned tours, do some sightseeing and shopping, and participate in the annual meeting and banquet.

Each shipmate is assessed $15 annual dues -- to help defray administrative costs. We publish 3-4 newsletters a year, containing information on past and upcoming reunions, welcome of new shipmates, mail call, taps, ship's store, and scuttlebutt. If you want to send a message to the shipmates who were on board when you were, you can do it through the newsletter.

When your dues are received by the Secretary, your Holder membership card and a copy of the muster list (which contains name, address, rate/rank, time served aboard, etc. of Holder shipmates) will be sent to you. When you send in your dues, please include your full name, correct mailing address, rate/rank, years served aboard, your wife's name, telephone number, and E-mail address(if you have one).

Please make your check payable to the USS Holder Association and mail to 120 Ross Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060-2636.

Smooth seas, following winds, and safe harbors,

Jim de Barrios



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