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DD   819


2nd   Anniversary



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18 May           Commissioned Orange, Texas
                          Fitting out.

21 May           USS Diamond Head (AE 19) rammed Holder port side, frame 137.
                      Ens. J.J. McStay brought first money aboard.

29 May            Underway for Galveston.
                          1st general quarters.
                          Arrived Galveston.

30 May           Dry docked.

12 June           Attempted to undock. Insufficient water.

13 June           Undocked. Damaged sound dome.

18 June           Re‑docked.

19 June           Undocked.

20 June           Underway for Texas City.
                          Arrived Texas City.

21 June           Underway for Galveston. Anchored in Bolivar Roads.
                          Out to sea to conduct sea trials.
                          Arrived Galveston.

24 June           Underway for Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

28 June           Arrived Guantanamo Bay.
                          Informal inspection conducted by Capt. Davis.

01 July           Commenced shakedown.

08 July           Fouled starboard screw while towing Damato

25 July           Departed for San Juan, Puerto Rico.

27 July           Arrived San Juan.

29 July           Left for Guantanamo Bay.

31 July           Arrived Guantanamo Bay.

22 Aug.           Departed for Culebra.

24 Aug.           Arrived Culebra. Conducted shore bombardment.

25 Aug.           Departed for Norfolk, Va.

28 Aug.           Arrived Norfolk.

29 Aug.           Depermed.   Departed for Charleston. S.C.         [ Degaussed ]


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31 Aug.           Arrived Charleston.

07 Sept.           Drydocked Navy Yard, Charleston.

18 Sept.           Undocked.

30 Sept.           Departed for New York, N.Y.

02 Oct.           Arrived New York.

14 Oct.           Departed for Norfolk.

15 Oct.           Arrived Norfolk.

23 Oct.           Departed for Gilbralter in company with the USS RICH [ DD ] and
                          USS RANDOLPH [ CV ]

02 Nov.           Arrived Gilbralter.

09 Nov.           Departed for Naples. [ Italy ]

10 Nov.           Rescued Ens. J.D. Murchison and J.E. Hamilton, ACOM.

12 Nov.           Arrived Naples. Moored alongside USS PERRY [ DD].

18 Nov.           Underway to join TG 125.9 for fleet maneuvers.

21 Nov.           Split up and accompanied USS CORRY [ DD ] to Jidda, Arabia.

22 Nov.           Entered Port Said. Traversed Suez Canal.

24 Nov.           Arrived Jidda. USS CORRY fired 21 gun salute.

28 Nov.           Underway to rendvozvous with TG 125.7, CruDiv 12 and DesRon 8.

29 Nov.           Traversed Suez Canal.

30 Nov.           Rendezvoused with TG 125.7.

03 Dec.           Arrived Naples. [ Italy ]

05 Dec.           Departed for Trieste.

06 Dec.           Sank a mine off the boot of Italy.

08 Dec.           Arrived Trieste. Relieved USS FRISKE [ DD ] and CTG 125.3.

18 Dec.           Departed for and arrived at Pola. [ Italy ]

23 Dec.           Departed for and arrived at Venice. [ Italy ]

25 Dec.           Christmas in Venice.

28 Dec.           Departed for and arrived at Trieste.




01 Jan.           New Years Day in Trieste.

03 Jan.           Departed for Anti‑Piracy Patrol.

08 Jan.           Arrived Trieste.

11 Jan.           Relieved by USS CORRY and USS WILSON [ DD ]. Departed for Naples.

14 Jan.           Attempted to fuel at Pozzuoli. Moored to USS GRAND CANYON.
                          [ Destroyer Tender ]


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22 Jan.           Departed for Trieste.

23 Jan.           Sank a mine in the Adriatic Sea

24 Jan.           Lying to, off Trieste. Enroute for Venice. Anchored off Port Lido. Venice.

25 Jan.           Moored in Venice.

03 Feb.           Departed for and arrived at Pola.

13 Feb.           Departed for and arrived at Trieste.

18 Feb.           Departed for Pola with Lt. Gen. L.C.H. Lee, USA, Maj. Gen. B.E. Moore,
                          USA, and Brigadier Cooper, BRA on board. Accompanied by HMS
                          PHOEBE. Arrived Pola.

18 Feb.           USS RICH and USS HOLDER escorted SS TOSCANNA out of harbor.
                        Returned to port and moored.

21 Feb.           Departed for Venice with USS RICH and SS TOSCANNA.

24 Feb.           Departed for and arrived at Pola with USS RICH.

26 Feb.           Escorted SS TOSCANNA out of port and then proceeded to Trieste.

06 Mar.           Relieved by USS PORTSMOUTH as CTG 125.3 and USS HYMEN.
                      Departed for Naples.

07 Mar.           USS RICH joined USS HOLDER and sank a mine in the Adriatic Sea.

09 Mar.           Moored to USS DICKSON in Naples.

10 Mar.           Departed for Gilbralter with USS RICH in company.

13 Mar.           Moored to a Shell Hulk off La Linea, Spain. Departed for Newport, R.I.

21 Mar.           Passed through an intense storm with winds up to 80 knots.

22 Mar.           Arrived Newport.

17 April           Moored to USS YELLOWSTONE [ desteroyer tender ]
                      with USS NEW, USS RICH, and USS CORRY.

06 May           Moored to buoy in Newport with [ destroyers ] USS JOHNSTON and
                      USS FISKE.

12 May           Commenced operations in Block Island Sound with submarines from
                      New London.

23 May           Departed for and arrived at New Bedford, Mass.

26 May           Departed for New York. Rendezvoused with USS RICH and USS NEW.

27 May           Arrived Earle, N. J.

28 May           Moored at Gravesend Bay.


Page 7


29 May           Moored at New York Naval Shipyard.

18 July           Drydocked.

12 Aug.           Undocked.

13 Aug.           Cdr. C.L. Frazier relieved Cdr. B.K. Atkins.

26 Aug.           USS McDOUGAL and USS NEW broke their moorings, swung around
                         and hit us.

09 Sept.           Conducted sea trials.

15 Sept.           Moored Gravesend Bay.

16 Sept.           Proceeded to Earle, N.J. and returned to Gravesend Bay.

20 Sept.           Departed for and arrived at Newport.

04 Oct.           Departed for Norfolk.

06 Oct.           Degaussed at Norfolk. [ Means the ship was demagnetized ]

07 Oct.           Departed for Guantanamo Bay.

10 Oct.           Arrived at Guantanamo Bay.

01 Nov.           Departed for Key West, Florida.

03 Nov.           Arrived at Key West.

10 Nov.           Departed for Melville, R.I.

14 Dec.            Arrived at Melville.




05 Jan.           Departed for Earle, N.J.

_ Jan.           Arrived at Earle.
                      Departed for Key West.

10 Jan.           Arrived at Key West.

13 Jan.           Commenced Phase I of ASW.

20 Jan.           Rescued Mids. C. W. Safanda.

19 Mar,        Departed for Earle.

22 Mar.           Arrived at Earle. Moored at New York Naval Shipyard.

29 Mar.           Drydocked.

07 April            Undocked.

15 April          Proceeded to Earle, N.J. Departed for Key West.

18 April          Arrived at Key West.

20 April          Commenced conducting current Hunter‑Killer Operations.     Phase II.

13 May           Arrived at New Orleans, La.

17 May           Departed New Orleans.


                      57,116.3 miles steamed.




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This information was taken from 2nd Anniversary Booklet published aboard ship listing "Holder Happenings, Athletics, Comments from Crew, Listing of Ship's Officers, and Members of the Crew."





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