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2nd Anniversary


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At approximately frame 140 on the port side of the ship is a well visited spot known as the Ship Store.   Here, daily, popular Halsey E. Watson hands out bargain after bargain. While Watson never uses high pressure selling methods it was reported that one man looking for change for a quarter, walked away with 4 tubes of toothpaste, a lighter, two pipes, a razor, 3 cigars, 6 cakes of P&G, a watch and three rolls of LifeSavers!

A recent article in Fortune featured the store as having the largest volume of sales per square foot of floor space next to Macy's bargain basement. Asked whether having the only store on the ship might be responsible for this outstanding record, Watson said, Mardi Gras Mary told me . . . . ,





Further forward along the same passageway
is a tiny cubicle from which comes the whirring
sounds of adding machines, the click of rusty
typewriters, and the occasional scream of delight
as a request for checkage comes through the mail.
This beehive of activity is known as the Supply
Office, and it is from here that twice each
month, (weather permitting) the paymaster comes
forth, money in one hand, bucket in the other,
to assist the eagle in dropping into each man's
hand what is left of his pay after various and
sundry collections. A common misconception is
that this is also the office of the Chaplain, and so
there is a never ending stream of heart-touching
stories of starving relatives, over‑due car
payments, etc., all ending with the same plea,
"Could I draw special money, Sir?"



Page 16


Ship's Officers

Frazer, C. L. Commander 10 Norfolk, Virginia
Roy, P. T. Lieut. Commander 11 Worcester, Mass.
Hindle, L. G. Lieut. ( jg) 22 Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
Hall, R. M. Lieut.( jg) 7 Springfield, Mo.
Ward, M. D. Lieut. ( jg) 20 Mt. Airy, North Carolina
Parramore, D. G. Lieut. ( jg ) 12 Winton, North Carolina
(That is North Carolina, son)
McDermott, N. J.,   Jr. Ensign 24 Billerica, Mass.
Averill, F. S. Ensign 22 Chazy, New York
Dickey, J. L. Ensign 23 Hollywood, Calif.
Hammann, R. K. Ensign 11 Plainfield, N.J.
(It is not!)
Peffley, J. F. Ensign (SC) 7 Goshen, Indiana


Page 17


Ship's Company

Ago, A. J. TM2 24 Lynn, Massachusetts
Alden, F. B. FN 24 Dakota, Illinois
Alexander, E. G. GM2 8 Mt. Vernon, New York
Ansolini, E. BT2 4 Springfield, Mass.
Applegate, F. R. GM3 2 New Brunswick, N.J.
Arthurs, J. T. FA 3 New York, New York
Atkins, J. C. FA 3 Petersburg, Va.
Aumiller, R. N. SN 3 Long Beach, New York
Aupperlee, A. G. EN2 6 Cambridge, Mass.
Barden, K. W. BT1 3 East Greenwich, R.I.
Barnwell, C. F. BMC 14 Camden, New Jersey
Bartlett, S. J. SN 2 Newport News, Virginia
Bernacchi, R. P. EM3 24 LaPorte, Indiana
Billups, G. E. SA 3 Galesburg, Illinois
Bobo, C. W. TN 24 Marvell, Arkansas
Bowles, W. J. ,   Jr. FN 7 Pritchard, Alabama
Bradberry, J. E. BT3 3 Athens, Georgia
Bridges, J. N.,   Jr. SN 24 Fayetteville, North Carolina
Britton, A. F.,   Jr. SA 3 Columbus, Ohio
Brown, F. A. MM3 3 Connersville, Indiana
Brown, M. C. FC1 4 Mt. Vernon, Missouri
Brown, R. W. BT1 7 Fall River, Mass.
Bruce, J. I. TN 7 Ellicott City, Maryland
Brunn, A. C. DC1 4 Philadelphia, Pa.
Bullock, N. C. TM1 17 McComb, Mississippi
Burnside, R. D. FA 4 Carthage, New York
Buzzard, W. E. SA 1 New Haven, Conn.
Carroll, S. J.,   Jr. SA 1 Winthrop Mass.
Cannon, J. T. RM3 24 New York, N.Y.
Cargile, L. W. A. BMC 17 Kimberly, Alabama


Page 18


Ship's Company

Catalano, A. J. SN 8 Philadelphia, Pa.
Caruana, V. SA 3 Buffalo, New York
Cawthon, J. D. GMC 1 Miami, Florida
Chambers, W. C. SA 3 Kent, Ohio
Churchfield, W. J. SN 3 Chardon, Ohio
Clarke, W. F. TE3 3 Rainswood, Virginia
Coil, E. C. SA 3 Milledgeville, Ohio
Cole, E. F. SN 24 Lowell, Mass.
Corbin, W. (n) SN 3 Oak Grove, Louisiana
Craig, D. A. BT3 2 Altman, Penna.
Crosby, J. T. SA 3 Cecil, Georgia
Crossman, H. K. S03 23 Memphis, Tenn.
Cummings, J. E. GMC 24 Mansfield, Louisiana
Czernek, M. J. BT3 24 Chicago, Ill.
Daniels, W. (n) TN 18 Coldosta, Georgia
Dumbaugh, D. W. ,   Jr. FN 24 Pittsburgh, Penna.
Edwards, C. W. QM2 20 Montgomery, Alabama
Elliott, M. H. BT2 3 Langdale, Alabama
Engels, R. A. EM3 24 Genesee, Illinois
English, T. M. TMC 17 Stephenville, Texas
Ensor, W. F.,   Jr. SA 3 Orange, New Jersey
Esposito, E. J. SN 2 Elkins, West Virginia
Everette, O. E. BM1 4 Frankville, Alabama
Favory, O. A. YN3 24 Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Feldhouse, W. E. EM3 5 Wellesley, Mass.
Ford, T. J. SN 1 Hillside, New Jersey
Ford, J. L. BM3 3 Starkville, Miss.
Funcheon, L. R. ME2 3 Denver, Colorado
Garritano, E. (n) SN 7 Chicago, Illinois
Gembola, A. J. SA 4 Buffalo, New York
Gogulski, J. B. SA 4 Southwick, Mass.


Page 19


Ship's Company

Golden, H. L. FN 5 Beebe, Arkansas
Gold, J. (n) SA 3 Brooklyn, N.Y.
Goldsmith, R. P. SD2 6 New Oreleans, La.
Gibson, J. D.,   Jr. SA 4 Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Gould, W. T. FA 4 New York, N. Y.
Grabowski, T. S. M.   Jr. SA 3 Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Goodson, W. T. RMC 1 Roanoke, Virginia
Graves, R. C. FA 4 Rochester, N.Y.
Griswold, V. D. RM3 3 Gary, Indiana
Gubbins, R. J. (MAAC)BMC 3 Chicago, Illinois
Gulowsen, E. M. SN 1 Gardiner, Maine
Gwinn, C. B.,   Jr. BMC 2 Lockbridge, W.Va.
Hages, E. SN 3 Aliquippa, Penna.
Hall, W. N. SN 4 Ahoskie, North Carolina
Harper, J. (n) TN 4 Kershaw, South Carolina
Harrison, D. B.,   Jr. CSC 14 Shawbore, North Carolina
Hill, C. N. SD3 4 Newton, Mississippi
Hill, R. F. CSSN 24 Excellsior, Minne.
Hartline, R. L. FA   Reading, Penna.
Hodges S. H. FA 24 Roanoke, Virginia
Hook, H. D. FA 4 Shickshinny, Penna.
Huckaba, H. T. MM3 5 Pasadena, Texas
Huff, C. N. SA 4 Carthage, New York
Hutchinson, R. N. SN 1 Augusta, Maine
Ingalls, C. R. ICC 4 Stanton, Michigan
Ingram, B. A. ET3 1 Branch Borger , Texas
Jenkins, J. E. MM3 4 Nashville, Tenn.
Johnson, C. E. H. BT2 24 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Kafka, R. C. SA 2 Chicago, Illinois
Karns, K. K. SA 3 Titusville, Penna.
Kauppi, C. W. GM3 24 Cass Lake, Minne.
Kenton, J. R. ET3 1 Tulsa, Oklahoma
Kimock, J.,   Jr. YN2 4 Hazleton, Penna.


Page 20


Ship's Company

Kneeland, W. E. SN 1 Houlton, Maine
Knight, R. L. SK3 1 Ponca City, Oklahoma
Krepich, M. J. QM2 18 Wiconisco, Penna.
Koplaski, S. (n) SA 3 Torrington, Conn.
Kubaska, F. J. SA 3 Woonsocket, R. I.
Kubat, T. J. SA 3 Detroit, Michigan
Kuma, J. G. SA 4 Donora, Penna.
Leake, W. L. SN 3 Fredricksburg, Va.
Lambert, A. M. SN 2 Jefferson, North Carolina
Leszkiewicz, S. J. MMC 4 Cleveland, Ohio
Levingston, D. S. TN 3 Albany, Georgia
Lewis, M. F. SA 4 Detroit, Michigan
Little, R. H. SN 2 Jefferson, South Carolina
Lloyd, J. H. SN 2 Elizabeth City, N.C.
Loos, R. E. SA 3 Cambridge, Ohio
Lucchino, E. R. FA 4 Pittsburgh, Penna.
Lundin, D. A. TM1 4 Turin, Iowa
Lutz, J. E. MM1 5 Milford, Mass.
Malone, P. H. TN 10 Nashville, Tenn.
Manuel, T. L. RM3 16 Winchester, Va.
Martin, W. E. SN 12 Oregon, Illinois
Massie, G. L. BT3 3 Prospect, Virginia
Matheson, J. D. SA 2 Scotia, New York
May, A. (n) SK3 4 Franklinton, N.C.
McConnell, F. L.,   Jr. EN2 5 Andrew, North Carolina
McLaughlin, A. C. SN 7 Yuma, Arizona
McNamara, D. F. FN 7 New Brighton, N.Y.
McVay, M. (n) SD3 18 Brooklyn, N.Y.
Meadows, J. R. BM3 18 Bloomington, Indiana
Miles, A. H. BM1 2 San Francisco, Calif.
Mobilio, A. MM1 1 Newark, New Jersey



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